Salon Korunka, Brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste for her.

Salon Korunka

Brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste for her

brazilian waxing depilation with sugar paste intimate parts

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Salon Korunka, depilation with sugar paste.
Brazilian waxing for her
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Salon Korunka, brazilian depilation with sugar paste.

Depilation with sugar paste Chardé / Lycon for her.

The skin is smooth and without irritation.

Beauty salon Korunka focuses on complete full body depilation. We do the depilation with sugar paste. We perform armpit hair removal also hands, legs, back, groin and intimate areas - brazilian depilation. Because the sugar paste adheres only to the hair it is almost painless and can be used on any part of the body including the very delicate areas such as eyebrows, upper lip and ear lobes.

The first step a professionally trained beautician loosens the hair from the skin with sugar paste and then removes it in a painless manner. The hair is always removed in the direction of growth, therefore the hair doesn‘t break. Using the sugar paste the hair is pulled from the skin without irritation, no redness and no ingrown hair.

The effect is immediate, the skin is smooth and without irritation. The sugar paste method gradually weakens the hair and slows regrowth, in time it will disappear altogether. The price list of depilation sugar paste you can to find here.



Salon Korunka, brazilian depilation with sugar paste.


Armpit depilation

The armpit hair follicles are usually very deep under the skin. Therefore it is better to have longer armpit hair for effective removal.


Leg depilation

Leg depilation can be done in three ways. First, only the calf, which usually takes probably 45 minutes. Another option is to remove the hair to above the knees. It is longer and it takes an hour. For entire leg hair removal including thighs, it is necessary to calculate at least an hour. Duration may vary depending on the density of hair. Along with leg hair removal we recommend that you remove the hair from your toes and eventually the groin.


Arm depilation

Forearm hair removal to the elbow takes about 45 minutes. Whole arm hair removal takes about an hour. We recommend along with this treatment to also remove the hair from the hands and armpits.


Upper lip depilation

The removal of hair from the upper lip using sugar paste is very effective. Due to natural ingredients, there is minimal skin irritation, the skin regenerates very quickly and the hair disappears over the next 6 weeks.


Eyebrow depilation

At first the eyebrows are adjusted and shaped. The advantage of removing the eyebrows using sugar paste is that you also remove the very small and fine hairs that tweezers can't.


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